About Us

Who we are

Agnes Outdoors Ltd. specialises in building quality outdoor pizza ovens and DIY pizza oven kits to help families enjoy the great outdoors, while having their favourite foods and being able to entertain everyone like never before.

Established in 2020 and based in Kent, we have helped put the “DIY” in pizza for those of you who just love to make pizza at home, whether professionally or recreationally. Our wood fired ovens are built from the highest quality commercial grade materials and tested extensively by leading experts to help ensure an unparalleled wood fired oven pizza experience for the whole family.

The drama and theatre of cooking with fire is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, we can guarantee that! This is why the majority of families and professional chefs alike choose our wood fired ovens to leave everyone speechless. We make outdoor pizza ovens accessible for everyone with our easy DIY pizza oven.

What we do & how it all started

Our founder, Barney Howard, is a man who can’t help but love being outdoors. In doing so, he started innovating and playing around with pizza ovens when he started a family-run business in 2017 called Barney & The Pizza, using a wood fired pizza oven, it is now known and appreciated for great tasting wood fired pizza.  

An idea overcame Barney and he just couldn’t shake it: why not make wood fired pizza accessible to all? Initially, he struggled to find a good-quality oven that would faithfully live up to the task, and that too at the right price. This took endless hours spent researching, experimenting and modifying ovens in a way perhaps they were not meant to be modified! 

Several thousand pizzas later, and testing the limits of pizza ovens, Barney finally had the formula for building a wood fired oven that could truly perform and be bought easily for families to use in their garden or outdoor space.

Thanks to Barney’s knowledge, experience in making wood fired oven pizza and unshakable persistence, we came up with wood fired pizza oven design and DIY pizza kits to help people make DIY pizza in a quick and stress-free way right in their home. A pizza oven kit has never been so simple! 


 If you think about it, it’s the perfect way to gather friends, family and loved ones, cook amazing food and celebrate the joy of being in the outdoors, just like the old days when we weren’t distracted by so much technology! An outdoor pizza oven is the perfect addition to any family home.

We love being able to offer families the satisfaction of making their own pizza, complete with the team work, drama and theatre of making great-tasting food with wood fire as your fuel in one of our DIY pizza oven kits. It’s something you just have to experience as words alone do not do it justice! A garden pizza oven will be the start of a long journey with great food and memories.