Silver pizza oven chimney cowl

Pizza Oven Chimney Cowl

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At Agnes Outdoors, we really believe that there's no better way to socialise than by being outdoors and cooking with fire. We supply a variety of pizza oven accessories to help make your cooking experience even more successful.

One essential that you need for every wood fired oven is a pizza oven chimney. With this you can protect your oven floor from rain and cover your flue with a cowl. Our precision engineered pizza oven chimney cowl design simply slots onto the end of the flue length, making it really simple to install and to get you cooking as quickly as possible!

Pizza Oven Chimney Cowl Specification:

  • Our pizza oven chimneys are made from Stainless Steel
  • They are easy to fit by simply pushing it onto the pizza oven chimney pipe
  • They fit a 5 inch flue pipe
  • They are made for installation with our DIY pizza oven kits

We recommend adding a pizza oven chimney cowl to every kit, as many people don’t realise just how important a chimney cowl is to a pizza oven. We don't supply them with our DIY pizza oven kits because if you are putting the oven under a cover and going through a roof, you will need to use a twin wall flue which our cowls won't fit. However, they are key to cooking up the perfect pizza, whether you’re a professional chef or a complete novice.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our pizza oven products are specifically engineered for hassle-free installation, and our pizza oven chimney cowls are no different. Made from Stainless Steel, they are of a really high quality and are robust. We tried and tested many materials until we were happy that our products could stand the test of time, meaning that you don’t need to worry when firing up your pizza oven.

If you’re yet to purchase your pizza oven kit, or you’d like to learn more about our DIY pizza ovens, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. For any help needed specifically during the process of the pizza oven build, check out our how to guides and our FAQ section.